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  • How a plant based diet can help your family specifically;
  • Go through what you can get from the Well Family Program;
  • Any questions you have.

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Well Family Program: 6 Weeks to a Lifetime of Wellness: Introductory Price – $349

A personalized plant based nutritionally complete wellness program for the whole family.

In-depth Consultations

One on one consultation via video/call/email – wherever in the world you are!

Consultations include:

Initial consultation – up to 1 hour.
Weekly consultations 15-30mins.

All members of your family are welcome to attend.

Personalized Meal Plans 

Personalized to your specific family dietary requirements and current health concerns, available kitchen equipment, and currently seasonal food. Including a wide variety of foods, methods of cooking and food prep tips for the entire 6 weeks.

Grocery Shopping Guide

Including how to shop and how to read food labels.

Complete  Nutrition Education

Including how to easily maximize the nutritional content of every meal and how to fulfill the dietary requirements of every member of your family.

Lifetime access to support and community through the private Plant Based Well Family Community Facebook Group

To have a casual chat, learn more about how the Well Family Program can help your family, and get answers to any questions you have book your Free Consultation now.